Significant Investor Visa Application

If you are a Significant Investor Visa Applicant and would like to invest into Vantage Private Equity Growth 5 (VPEG5), please follow the step by step procedure below to complete the application process.


Request a Copy of the VPEG5 Information Memorandum

Alternatively, download a copy of the Application Form by clicking on the button below these steps

Complete the Application Form

After completing the Application form, you will need to print out the completed form and appropriately sign the required fields.

Once signed, you will then need to complete the appropriate Customer Identification Procedure (CID) for your investment into VPEG5, which meets the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act). This can be done by providing the following:

The relevant ORIGINAL CERTIFIED COPIES of identification documents for all investors and/or beneficial owners. Please refer to page 12 of the application form for details on how to arrange certified copies.


Transfer your Application Monies to Vantage

Option 1 - Cheque
Cheques must be drawn in Australian dollars and made payable to “ORS Application Account - VPEG5”

Option 2 - By Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Direct Deposit
Payments in A$ must be made to the following bank account:

Account Name: ORS Application Account - VPEG5
Bank: St. George
Reference: “Investor name/Company or Trust name”
BSB: 332-027
Account Number: 555 763 992
Please ensure that you;

Use your Investor name/Company or Trust name as reference against your Cheque, EFT or Deposit payment, and;

Notify Vantage of the details of your EFT or direct deposit as soon as possible to allow Vantage to process your investment without delay.


Send your Completed Application Form to Vantage

1. Print out your completed Application Form
2. Sign it in accordance with the instructions from the Application Form based on your investor type, and;
3. Post or email your scanned signed Application Form together with original certified copies of your identification documents to Vantage at the following address:

Vantage Private Equity Growth 4 Registry
PO Box R1479

Email to:
[email protected]

Please ensure that you;
Notify your postage by advising Vantage by email or calling +61 2 8211 0477 to confirm that you have sent your Application Form to the Vantage Private Equity Growth 4 Registry.

Once completed, please provide your email below and we will ensure that we will be in contact with you immediately.


Alternatively you can submit the form below to receive the Information Memorandum and Application Form via email.