Accessing Information About Your Investment

Vantage Private Equity Growth 5 (VPEG5) has engaged one of Australia’s leading online providers of registry services “One Registry Services” to manage the provision of investor information to VPEG5 investors.

Online access to information is provided via One Registry Services’, OneOnline portal which can be accessed by clicking on the following website link:

OneOnline LoginOneOnline Login

Information regarding your investment in VPEG5, available from the OneOnline portal Includes;
–        My Portfolio
–        Transaction History
–        Distribution Statements
–        Forms
–        Issued Statements

To ensure you are accessing the correct holding statement, the OneOnline portal requests identification details. The following details will enable you to access information regarding your investment in VPEG5:


Create your free account in a matter of minutes with the OneOnline sign-up process.

Unit Holder No.

This is your Investment Profile ID which is your 9-digit unique identifier for your VPEG5 investment holdings. Your Investment Profile ID can be located on the top right hand corner of your Vantage Private Equity Growth 5 holding statement issued by One Registry Services following your initial investment. Enter your full Investment Profile ID into the box provided e.g. VPEG5-XXXX-XXXXX

Account Name

Type the name in which your investment in VPEG5 is held.


This will be the postcode for the address that One Registry Services have recorded as your postal address (also found on your VPEG5 holding or distribution statement)


Tick “I have read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions” and then click “Verify Details” to enter into OneOnline’s portal.

If at any stage you would like to change the details relating your holdings, please click on the “Forms” tab within OneOnline’s portal, download the appropriate form, complete and then post the original form back to One Registry Services.

In addition, the monthly Net Asset Value (NAV) per Partnership Interest in VPEG5 and details regarding Paid Capital and Distributions per Partnership Interest are updated on a monthly basis and accessible via following website link: VPEG5 Investment Portfolio