Financials & Reports

After the end of each month, VPEG5 will release via its website at Investment Portfolio a statement of the net asset value per partnership interest for the Fund, as at the end of the preceding month.

Following each calendar quarter the Investment Manager will also produce an investor report which will be made available below under the heading Quarterly Investor Reports. This report contains details of the progress of VPEG5’s investments, including new private equity commitments made by VPEG5 during the quarter, as well as new investments made / divestments achieved by VPEG5’s underlying funds. Copies of the quarterly report will be posted to Investors who request it.

Annual audited accounts detailing the financial position and performance of the Fund are posted below under Annual Reports and also sent to Investors who request it, following the end of 30 June each financial year.


Each year, VPEG5 Investors will receive the VPEG5 Annual Report which will include the Audited Annual accounts for the Fund, detailing the financial position and performance of the Fund.


To download a copy of a past VPEG5 quarterly investor report, please click the relevant link below;

30 June 2022 >>
31 March 2022 >>
31 December 2021 >>