During June 2023, VPEG5’s Investment Committee approved a $1 million co-investment alongside Adamantem Environmental Opportunities Fund into Pac Trading, an Australian-based company providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to the food services industry.

Pac Trading offers a wide and unique range of quality products for any food-services business. The company specialises in custom print packaging for food and retail industries, providing a high level of professional customer service.

Pac Trading has 69 employees with warehouse facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth as well as a head office in Sydney, which is supplemented by a support team in the Philippines. The company’s customer base is ~1,500 customers and includes 637 distributors across Australia.

Pac Trading has experienced accelerated growth over the past 5 years due to industry tailwind from government bans on single use plastic products, which will continue to support its future growth.

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